It’s with great joy that I share my experiences, memories and relationships with so many fantastic Gospel Artists on “MGM”. I know I can get a bit windy and tell too many stories but when you have had the privilege of working with so many personalities for 40 years, experiencing some incredible moments of music, ministry and outlandish comedy, it’s hard to reduce that to 30 seconds. However, I will do my best to keep it at a minimum!

I have produced Gospel TV Shows for 30+ years and the reason I wanted to create “MGM” (which is probably my final chapter in Gospel Music TV), was to share these memorable moments and great music with many new people that have just discovered Gospel Music and with those that grew up with this unique music. For example, The Speers, which are featured regularly on MGM as well as The Cathedral Quartet. I worked closely with both of these Artists until their retirements. We shared many moments together and I want to share these and other experiences with those who followed their careers and for those who are just discovering them and other Artists we present on MGM.

I will be using this blog to expand on and share thoughts, suggestions and comments I receive from those who take the opportunity to email me. I look forward to your emails, comments and constructive criticisms.

Thanks for watching and looking forward to hearing from you.