On Episode 3 of “My Gospel Music”, Mr. Eddie Crook is introduced and interviewed by Bill Traylor. Mr. Crook is one of Gospel Music’s most successful businessmen. Eddie started his career with a local Gospel Group but quickly graduated to become the piano player and arranger for one of America’s most popular Gospel Groups, The Happy Goodman Family. After serving with the Goodmans for many years doing TV, producing records and making lots of friends, Eddie decided to form his own self-titled company, The Eddie Crook Company. Initially, Eddie produced recordings for anyone wanting his services but as time went by, Eddie decided he was ready to help the more professional artists by establishing a tiered record label business and helping the Artists with Radio Promotion, Press and crafting their careers for the National Stage.

Many Artists benefited from Eddie’s, and his experienced Staff’s, expertise and bringing groups from obscurity to success. Some of the more notable Artists are The Isaacs, The McKameys, The Bishops, The Crabb Family and The Perrys.

Today, Eddie performs as a solo Artist sharing his gifts as a pianist and is still producing select projects.